Dude Shoes Men's Wally Sox Mesh Onyx ECKESYNQX

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Dessus: ToileMatériau de semelle: CaoutchoucFermeture: A enfiler

Wally Sox Mesh OnyxThe Wally Sox Mesh Onyx style is a tactile shoe, created by using a lined, textured mesh fabric and over-stitched seams to create a casual appearance. As normal, these are supplied with an elastic lace system to maintain Dude Shoes slip-on character but are also supplied with traditional laces for your choice.A very jeans-appropriate shoe, the Wally is also perfect to wear with shorts as it gives the impression of a narrower shoe but maintains a relaxed fit for extra comfort. The shoe has a leather-lined, removable, memory foam insole allowing it to be worn barefoot without collecting the bacteria which lead to odour. The insole can be wiped clean and the shoe put into a cold machine wash. Yet another great shoe for everyday use, very light, very comfortable and great for packing on holiday. Material: Textile Sole Unit: RidgeLight Weight: 170grms Features: Relaxed fit Machine washable cold Anatomical memory foam footbed Vamp binding featuring a Rough Cut Edge Elasticated laces for slip-on ease

Dude Shoes Men's Wally Sox Mesh Onyx ECKESYNQX

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